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Expert Rug Cleaning ActonW3Whether you're hiring us for oriental rug cleaning, or for coping with the modern carpets in your office, you're in safe hands. The carpet cleaning crew we’ll send you have been carefully chosen and Prochem approved. All our cleaners are properly clothed and have IDs. They would always do a thorough pre-treatment fiber assessment and then choose the best cleaning strategy and detergents.All our expert services are delivered under full insurance cover. Pick up the phone and dial 020 3404 5480 getting your rug fresh and gleaming once again can be done even within an hour, depending on our availability.

A Service For Every Occasion

No matter if you're searching for a gentle refreshing treatment or a more thorough procedure, the effect of our rug cleaning service will be more than pleasant. Booking us goes along with:

  • A visit to match your timetable, weekends, evenings, even bank holidays - just tell us when you require us.
  • Totally free estimates, online or via phone, you can ask for yours any time of the day or night.
  • The possibility of a pick-up and delivery assistance when you don't want your rugs washed at home.

Cleaning Methods Explained

No matter what kind of fabric your rug is, we have the right solution to clean it:

Hot Water Extraction Dry Cleaning
100% Wool Cotton
Nylon Jute
Polyester Hessian
Acrylic Coir
Polypropylene Sisal

Dry Cleaning

This method is quite powerful and uses no water. This method involves the usage of dry compounds, which are complemented by various other cleaning solutions. This washing technique is widely prefered because its quick drying time and deep fiber reach. Dry cleaning also greatly reduces indoor allergens and prolongs your carpet or upholstery life. Be aware that improper chemicals use, together with lousy equipment can have dire effects on your rug or upholstery. So be sure to call for professional help when deep treating your flooring. There are 3 types of dry cleaning substances we use in our practice: dry foam (shampoo), dry chem (identical to dry foam) and also a dry compound mixture.

Hot Water Extraction

This technique is often referred to as “steam cleaning”. HWE does indeed involves using hot water and steam, but the steam itself does not clean the surface. Instead, our special machines would spray a chemical solution onto the rug. This solution is then being activated by mixing it with the water. At the end all this is being sucked by a powerful vacuum. This technique is also very popular due to the boiling water usage: the water is being heated up to 215°, which kills all germs and removes hardly stucked dirt particles.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Rug Cleaners 

After and before rug cleaning ActonWe cover up the whole of the Acton W3 area, providing truly reliable services. For almost 10 years you have had at your disposal a team of experienced, reference-checked and totally guaranteed rug cleaners. So far we have served more than 12,000 customers, most of which were happy to use our services all over again.Take a look at our latest client testimonials to see what our past clients have had to point out about the results we've achieved for them!

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It`s quick and simple to arrange for rug cleaning in Acton W3. You can contact and talk to our helpful advisers available 24/7 on 020 3404 5480. Or you could use our contact form to obtain your totally free no-obligation estimate or ask us to get in touch with you back at a time that’s perfect for you. As an alternative use our chat option to find out specifics about the hottest reductions and special offers that can really save you money and make our low charges even better!

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